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About Us

HALOS are the creation of a family of eye doctors and opticians from Southern California, who have for the past 30 years, listened to what consumers want in a pair of sunglasses. Dr. David Rosenblum and his father, Dr. Sy Rosenblum designed HALOS with the intention of providing customers with the highest quality product, at the most affordable price. HALOS were designed with quality eye-care in mind. Great attention was given to ensure that HALOS offered superior protection, blocking all of the sun's harmful UV rays while not compromising form and fashion.

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Dr. Sy Rosenblum: For the past 40 years Dr. Sy, as he is known, has practiced general family optometry. Dr. Sy originally completed his undergraduate work at UCLA and then acquired his Doctor's degree from the Los Angeles College of Optometry in 1963., While in college Dr. Sy produced one of the first "designer" lines of eyewear in the 1960's with "Mr. Blackwell." He currently practices optometry with his son, Dr David B. Rosenblum, and continues to produce popular designer eyewear. Dr. Sy is very active with Laser Vision Correction, contact lenses, and optical lens fabrication.

Dr. David B. Rosenblum, is a UCLA graduate, and received his Doctor's degree in Boston, at the New England College of Optometry. Currently Dr. David owns a thriving practice in Southern California and is responsible for the design of Halo Sunwear. During his 15 year career, Dr. David has spent time practicing optometry at a cataract surgery center in Palm Springs, California enjoys pediatric eye care and owns a spectacle design and optical lens manufacturing company. In 1992, Dr. David joined his father in practicing optometry, together they own one of the leading designer conscious optometric centers West of the Mississippi.